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Compound Pipe Jacking Macihine

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JD1200 Compound Pipe Jacking Macihine

JD1200 Compound Pipe Jacking Macihine

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Performance Characteristics:

1. Small space: The design of light weight compact disassembled structure make occupation smaller which can greatly reduce

the impact on road traffic.

2. Visual remote control: When jacking operation, operator in the operating room can be real-time monitoring of the

whole construction process and accurately master the exact cutting speed, travel path and work conditions, etc., realize

visualization of remote control.

3. Cone eccentric crushing bin: strong crushing ability, the crushing action is no less than 70 times /min, which can be used for gravel body construction with 35% diameter of its own pipe;

4. The silo type mixing system can fully integrate the water from the warehouse with the abandoned soil during the construction of the clay layer, so as to achieve the purpose of easier discharge;

5. Infinite speed: According to the conditions, the operator can control the speed of jacking cylinders and the flow of slurry by

adjusting the frequency converter, which makes great adaptability and safety.


Main Technical Specifications


Jakcing Ring


Compound Pipe Jacking Macihine

Machine side

 laser theodolite

Electrical circuit

wheel axle

waterproof test

crushing test of compound pipe jacking machin

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