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Compound Pipe Jacking Macihine

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JD1000 Compound Pipe Jacking Macihine

JD1000 Compound Pipe Jacking Macihine

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The introduction of the composite pipe jacking machine

The design concept of the composite pipe jacking machine is: a soft soil machine that is commonly used in composite soft soil layers, and this machine can be remoulded to a hard rock machine that can be used for rock surface construction by changing the cutting cutter; Our newest machine has enough space for operators to change the cutting cutter during the tunneling process when the diameter of pipe jacking machine is bigger than 1500mm,also the earth pressure balanced pipe jacking can be completed by replacing the screw excavator.

I. Introduction to Equipment Performance

1. The whole machine is waterproof (Chinese patent number ZL201822154528.0).

Without changing the operator's operating habits, in the normal jacking, the pit laser transmitter is still used to monitor the head jacking latitude and longitude changes, and an intelligent sealed warehouse is added. In case of emergency or off duty, the "tail warehouse" “Door open” and “Tail warehouse door close” conversion buttons perform one-button opening and closing actions, which effectively improves the effective protection against water permeation that may occur at high water levels, severe weather, and operating errors, and the waterproof rating is IP67;

By removing the crushing wheel and the attachment of cutter head ,  this  machine can be remoulded to the panel machine which is more efficient  for silty clay layer construction and the machine can be remoulded in the construction site.(accessories included)

There is no need to return to the factory. By replacing the rock cutter head on the site and connecting the front monitor, the rock machine required for pure rock geology can be formed (sold separately).

According to many years of construction experience, we combined with actual working conditions. We  developed electronic integrated control system independently, that can control the  pump and valve group components integratedly during the entire construction process. Also, the whole process of construction  can be convenient, simple, safe and reliable.

Second. Geological conditions applicable to factory equipment (patent application number 20191078525.4)

a. It is suitable for pebble layer, sand pebble layer, soil pebble layer with particle size ≦ 30% of its own pipe diameter.

b. Miscellaneous filling layer (no steel bar, large amount of non-degradable soft domestic garbage), plain filling layer;

c. Suitable for all kinds of hard non-strongly cohesive soil layers with uniaxial compressive strength ≦ 10MPa;

d. Combined with soil improvement media to adapt to various sand layers;

Third: Special Design

Power system of the equipment , correction system of the pumping station, bypass system, pressure monitoring system and control system can all be designed for intercommunication of adjacent pipe diameters. Example: Ø800 and Ø1000 can be shared;

Fourth, after-sales service

a, The warranty of the whole machine is 12 months;

b. Free on-site technical guidance services;

c. Arrive at the scene within 24 hours in domestic.


Jakcing Ring


Compound Pipe Jacking Macihine

Machine side

 laser theodolite

Electrical circuit

wheel axle


waterproof test

crushing test of compound pipe jacking machin

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