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The mud-water balance pipe jacking machine has also begun to occupy a certain position in the international market.

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The mud-water balance pipe jacking machine is an important product in engineering machinery, and is mainly used in the mechanized construction of tunnels, roadways and pipe holes in the horizontal direction. It mainly includes full-section tunnel boring machines (shield boring machines, hard rock boring machines, pipe jacking machines, etc.), horizontal directional drills, cantilever tunnel boring machines and other products. Its main products are full-section tunnel boring machines, "Machine" is China's popular name for such products. At present, the industry scale of China's tunneling machinery industry is about 14 billion yuan. It is expected that after several years of development, it is expected to reach a scale of 20 billion yuan, which can basically meet the needs of domestic construction, and has also begun to occupy a certain position in the international market.

Leading product market scale ranks first in the world

Full-section tunnel boring machine is currently the world's most advanced construction machinery for tunnels. After years of technical development, after the 1950s, it has reached mature technology and large-scale use. At present, according to incomplete statistics, the total production of full-section tunnel boring machines in the world has reached more than 7,000 units, with a reserve of about 4,000 units.

According to the characteristics of the project and the geological survey report, the soil layer of the pipe jacking machine is in the ② 3-2 silty soil layer, which is prone to quicksand. Therefore, some unexpected situations may be encountered during pipe jacking, such as sudden changes in soil quality, Obstacles, etc. must be treated effectively.

(1) The geology changed greatly, and suddenly it became hard or soft. This can be judged by the torque of the cutter head. If it suddenly hardens, water or mud is added to the silo. Mud holes are provided on the roadheader, and the purpose is to add mud. If it is too soft, this is not a big problem. However, in order to prevent the soil's bearing capacity from falling sharply, the first to third sections of the pipe and the tool head have been integrated into a whole when the hole is opened to increase their rigidity, so as to prevent the machine head from sinking suddenly.

(2) If a water leak occurs, the outlet of the screw conveyor can be closed or kept small, and at the same time, the speed of advancement can be increased and the stagnation layer can be quickly passed. If it is open water, the screw conveyor must be turned upside down in addition to closing the excavation opening to prevent water from flowing in. At the same time, find the water source as soon as possible and plug it. This situation is easier to handle in a closed earth pressure balancing head.

(3) When encountering obstacles, you can grout and consolidate the soil in front of the nose, and then open the manhole on the nose to clear it.

(4) In the process of pipe jacking, if an abnormal deviation or correction failure occurs, you must stop within the allowable deviation standard, analyze the cause, find out the countermeasures, and then continue to advance. Do not act blindly. Operators must strictly abide by such a rule: no matter what the situation, stop exceeding the allowable deviation, and report the situation truthfully in order to analyze the cause and find the correct countermeasures; the other is to establish an immediate report system of accidents. That is, when an unexpected situation occurs, during the operation of the pipe jacking machine, its staff must know how to use various effective communication methods to contact the leaders of various departments, even a small error must report a sloppy.

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