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How to make the rectangular pipe jacking machine reasonable maintenance cost

发布:2019-08-20 浏览:229次

How to make the maintenance cost of the rectangular pipe jacking machine manufacturer more reasonable, we must respect the actual situation and objective laws of the operation of the pipe jacking machine, and we must also respect the science. The control of the maintenance cost of the pipe jacking machine should consider the actual use environment, and generally can start from the following aspects:

1. Strengthen the maintenance of the pipe jacking machine, maintenance is more important than repair, timely overhaul, and strive for the best time for repair. Management in the overhaul process should be strengthened to ensure safety, duration, quality, and costs. For maintenance work, repair can be repaired, the replacement should be replaced;

2. Attach importance to the improvement of the quality of operators, and provide technical training to operators on the basis of full staff, whole process, all links, and all-round, further learn the basic knowledge of operation, maintenance, and overhaul, master common fault diagnosis methods, and emergency Accident handling measures, etc., thereby improving the overall quality of operators.

From the perspective of pipe jacking products, winning with new is the prerequisite for participating in the competition. Pipe jacking manufacturers can only talk about competition if they meet the needs of the market and meet the psychological needs of consumers.

At present, social productivity is increasing every day, and consumer demand is getting higher. The pipe jacking machine market is experiencing unprecedented new changes. The word "new" has become an important factor in winning customers and production. In short, whoever can take the lead in mastering new technologies can win.

The entire marketing management of the pipe jacking machine enterprise must be well done. To ensure that the above-mentioned hard and soft terminal resources play a role, the pipe jacking machine must establish a corresponding management system to form a management system. Such as the hard terminal management system, soft terminal management system, organizational structure and job responsibilities, terminal information management system, etc., to ensure the release of work instructions, timely feedback of terminal information, and reasonable allocation of terminal resources can be efficiently and accurately implemented.

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