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Slurry water balance pipe jacking machine is a kind of high efficiency equipment.

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At present, the mud-water balance pipe jacking machine is a relatively high-efficiency device. For the specific pipe jacking method, many people may be very concerned about the length of the pipe laying. This is a place worthy of attention because of the length. It is directly related to future use, whether it is convenient or not, and so on.

If it is said that different pipe jacking machines produced by different pipe jacking machine manufacturers may have some differences in the overall pipeline laying length, if they want to understand this problem, they need to communicate with the manufacturers in depth. On the other hand, the pipe laying length of the pipe jacking machine is actually very long, so basically you don't need to worry about this issue, so I hope everyone can understand these simple problems and not be bothered by the pipe laying length.

Pipe jacking construction is an underground pipeline construction method developed after shield construction. It does not require the excavation of surface layers and can cross highways, railways, rivers, above-ground buildings, underground structures, and various underground pipelines. . The pipe jacking construction uses the thrust of the main jacking cylinder and the relay between the pipelines to push the tool pipe or pipe jacking machine through the soil from the working well to the receiving well. At the same time, the pipeline immediately after the tool pipe or roadheader is buried between the two wells to realize the construction method of laying underground pipelines without excavation.

Pipe jacking machine features:

a. The pipe jacking machine is a high-tech product with mechanical and electrical integration.

b. Application computer remote full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual control.

c. The pipe jacking system uses a full hydraulic proportional control system.

d. Using laser positioning and navigation technology to automatically correct deviations to ensure the quality of the pipe jacking project.

e. The soft start of the pipe jack is used to reduce the interference to the power grid and the impact on the mechanical transmission.

f. The pipe jacking machine adopts electrical components, hydraulic parts, reducers and sensors from world-renowned companies to ensure product quality.

g. Fully automatic control program

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