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1. The application of frequency conversion start-up reduces the heavy load demand of the mobile power supply for direct start-up and directly protects the entire life cycle of electrical components.

2. Application of phase loss and overload protection devices to ensure the safety factor of the main motor under abnormal conditions.

3. Add a wireless control system to support global control in real-time screen image playback of construction.

4. The wireless control system securely realizes the integrated integration of human, machine, crane and construction, which greatly improves work efficiency and safety at the construction site.

Intelligent operating system

 1. By optimizing the water injection device and the unique water-cooled power box design, it guarantees the control of the lubricating oil and oil temperature under the premise of large loads for a long time.

2. The scientific and reasonable design of the box structural parts completely solves the supporting load of the main box on the power box during the jacking process of the equipment and prolongs the vitality of the main power output mechanism.

Efficient power plant

Unique tail warehouse seal structure

1. Patent application number:

201822154528. 0

201811565200. 6

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201910415685. 9

2. The system's tail tank is sealed and designed to be opened during work, which is convenient for theodolite monitoring. In emergency situations, it automatically shuts off when power is off. When the external water is larger than the drainage of the foundation pit, the electrical components in the equipment will not be soaked to achieve all-weather work Vision.

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